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The Challenge

Building a business is stressful, and many early stage business owners struggle with mental health challenges. In fact, studies have shown that 72% of entrepreneurs experience mental health problems, and 30% report depression. This can lead to burnout, high turnover rates, and decreased productivity.

in today's world as business Owner

We got you from well-being to business!

Experience Syllabus

digital resources, products and virtual in-person experiences

01 — Self-Leadership Guidance

02 — Self-Leader Planner

03 — mastermind x membership



04 — it all leads to you



01 —

Self-Leadership Guidance

03 —

Business Optimization Membership

Optimal State

The knowledge and resources shared through our products will save you time and guesswork while allowing you to execute and make moves right away while staying well.

Self-Leadership resources  always available

The Planner focused more on your evolution than the most beautiful design.

balancing well-being, creativity and business

The Solution

Set your inner foundation

bring your dreams into effect

Business Optimization

Make time for what matters and build on solid ground

Why is it so important me?

My purpose is to support creatives, leaders and business owners to recover from the lifestyle I once lived that literally depleted me to the core.

You fall back to the level of your system — let's set a system for you in place that in case we fall, we fall softer, knowing we set a foundation that won't make us start from zero.

To build longevity we need to build on rock-solid ground. This space will help you to approach your journey in a focused state through a strong system so you have more time and joy available. 

The intention is to help you set a lean but stable business structure in place, while having time to nourish your nervous system and recovering from burnout or not fall for exhaustion.

Doing business with your well-being in mind

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